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Live Concert Ontario


Epic Live stands as a distinguished concert promotion company with a specialized focus on theatre shows.  Led by veteran musician and accomplished booking agent, Derek Lathrop, the company thrives on its commitment to delivering exceptional live music experiences.  With a rich and diverse background in the music industry, we infuse our expertise and passion into every production ensuring that each event is nothing short of extraordinary.

At Epic Live the spotlight shines on world-class tribute bands, each performance meticulously curated to captivate audiences and evoke nostalgia.  From well crafted sets to unparalleled sound quality, every detail is thoughtfully considered to create a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for concert goers. Through a keen eye for talent and dedication to excellence, Epic Live has earned a reputation for hosting some of the most captivating and memorable live shows in the industry, solidifying it's position as a leader in the world of concert promotion.  


If you are planning an event and looking for live music to make that event even more memorable, give us a call.   We are here to entertain you !

Epic Live Concerts
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